How kids did the Macarena in the 1990s vs. Now

I think that the number one cause of pain on a human’s heart is lack of gratitude. Most things in our lives come and go, a lot like a wave that stretches with the tide. We move, we make friends, we lose lovers, we pass through wonderful moments. For most of us we associate loss as a sad and horrible thing. When something we love has slipped through our fingers we can’t help but feel the empty hole in our lives where it once was. Even when it’s all said and done and we are finally moved on from whatever we have lost that was so beautiful, we still feel it. But I have learned the truth, a small and beautiful truth that has made my heart rejoice in even the most disheartening of times. The truth, that if we are sincerely grateful for the things that we love most in this life, when we lose them we can still function because we are simply grateful that we had them at all. It no longer becomes a question of why they had to go, it no longer becomes a fight to get them back. Instead it is a warm comfort because those memories that you have, you will never have to give away. Gratitude saves a broken heart. Appreciate what you have because when and if you ever lose it, you will be content in knowing that you were able to at least share the time with it that you did. And when you look back on your life, and your hands drape across the memories in your skin, you will stop and you will smile.
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I was extremely kissable today and do you know how many kisses I received??? ZERO


Brilliant poster by Roland Tiango. Using spot-varnished type the poster slowly reveals its message, as ink comes off on the recipients hands, in turn making the poster dirty.

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